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May 2014

URBANSPY #1 was created for a master course - Social Intervention @ HDK, Göteborg. This course was aiming to introduce the students the social design practices, interventionist methods and new roles for designers in situations of social change.


While designing for the public with the public "What critical is to invent special tools for contributors/participants (designers-artists...) to allow them to sneak into the neighbourhood and also create a visible or invisible call/trap/channel for locals to be a part of the process, consciously or unconsciously.


How can we observe first to understand the area/neighbourhood to invent indirect methods of idea collection/interaction?

Is an object suitable for the project (neighbourhood/area) like a newspaper or a sound recorder in disguise, or a built space like a speakers corner/ shop or more guerrilla actions, or processes?"







H. Cenk Dereli



November 2014

URBANSPY #2 was a part of the Business & Design Master Program, Design and Society course.


A big neighbourhood school in Angered, Angeredsgymnasiet that has students in the age of day care to high school was the workshop space. 


This time contributors asked to use the corridor in front of the class room and produce ideas on converting it into a space to collect design data/inputs, by using direct or indirect methods. While they were exploring the potentials of the space and possible approaches that they can bring in to the context; tutor tried to join their discussions with a provocative and dialogue enhancing attitude. At the end of the 3,5 hours fast idea production and rapid prototyping, all groups discussed their ideas together and pushed ideas forward. 

May 2015

URBANSPY #3 was again in Kville Neighbourhood.

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