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This is a question staged as an installation and a celebration of the shaman’s spirit that is an agent in the journey to the worlds of skies and ground.

A proposal to erase borders between them and open a door to beyond. An invitation to question our humanity, our authenticity. Evoking the mind of the shaman means speaking an ancestral language, going back to the origins of the world.

Humans seem to have excluded themselves from where they dwell. A place in an alarming stage: global warming, ecological damage, economic uncertainties, hunger and obesity… This dystopia like situation is a phenomenon created by the humans. While technology and science provide us with tools to survive as a species, we have also triggered the processes that open the doors of sixth extinction with them.

It is the time for us reconnect ourselves with the earth. To celebrate the spirit of the shaman is to speak the language of animals, stones, spirits… A teaching, an understanding of unity, an idea of being one with any kind of being. In the form of a performative installation, we recreate myths and symbols, an invitation to speak a universal language, to vibrate our singular string that connects us to the great orchestra.





H. Cenk Dereli

Sara Bessadi

Nuit Blanche Paris

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