A ghost dwelling wrapped with a shroud floating stateless /

It is the people whose dreams taken away, who search somewhere new to live /

It represents everyone who torn from the place where they call home /

All the people who sail off whatever their reason is /

It is us /


Gable house is one of the most basic forms of home for many cultures. A symbol of belonging. It is a coffer of memories and a source for dreams of life. It is a statement of humans’ dwelling on earth. It is us.

Natural disaster, war, political suppression, economic crises… Whatever the reason is, any sort of forced migration is violent. Being torn from where one used to live leaves physical and psychological deep scars. People live with them, float uncanny in time like a ghost living in them.

Maybe for a house that lost its place and forced to sail off to the unknown, a vineyard is one of the destinations to stop the quest. It is a story of many generations written on the landscape.

A story of being settled.





H. Cenk Dereli